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The Nyabondo School, Kenya


The school has a wonderful link with the Nyabondo School in Kenya, Africa.  Miss Greenfield, our Year 1 teacher, visited the school for the second time during the October half-term 2015 along with Mrs Rebecca Huntingford (her first visit to Kenya and the Nyabondo School).  We were awarded another grant from the British Council for this trip.   We also raise funds throughout the school year to help towards  improving the school, and have now managed to help them to build a new classroom with a roof and drainage. 


We have hosted our third visit by two members of the teaching staff from the Nyabondo school and this was an amazing experience for them and for our school.  They spent a week in our school attending lessons and talking to the children enabling them to learn all about Nyabondo school in Kenya and the way in which the pupils were taught.  


In October 2016 half term, Sue Walker and Rebecca Huntingford embarked on the next school visit to Kenya and Nyabondo Primary School.

Upon arrival, we were greeted by singing and dancing from all the pupils and teachers. Nyabondo has a new headteacher who expressed his gratitude for the link between the two schools and the work that is being done.


The children were very excited to see us and show us all the hard work they had been doing over the past year. The last few visits have focused on developing the children’s reading skills through phonics training. We have provided a range of teaching and learning resources, including much needed story books. Whilst looking around the school, we saw many children benefitting from these resources and were even invited to observe a reading lesson, where the focus was decoding through phonics.


Thanks to the incredible fundraising from the children and families at Beacon Hill, this year we were able to take sports equipment out with us. We took footballs, skipping ropes, tennis balls, French skipping and pumps. The joy that these items brought to the children and teachers was amazing. We played games of football on the school field amongst the cows, who appeared very unfazed by 100 or so children charging around them! We also took musical instruments to the school that had been kindly donated. We taught music lessons to all the classes, singing traditional Kenyan songs and teaching them how to play various percussion instruments. The children had natural rhythm and confidence and at the end of our trip they performed to us, using the instruments that we had given them.


At the end of the trip the school closed for their long holiday (November – January) and all the children returned home to help on the farms. Thanks to your generosity and support, we look forward to continuing to build on our relationship with the children, parents and teachers of Nyabondo Primary School.

Picture 1
Picture 2 We raised money for guttering around the class
Picture 3 The Headteacher and his assistant
Picture 4 A typical teaching lesson outside
Picture 5 Welcoming Mr Crew to the school
Picture 6 One of the classes
Picture 7 The school football team
Picture 8 A letter to pupils at Beacon Hill School
Picture 9 Younger children at our link school in Nyabondo
Picture 10 Joseph and Kefa talking to children in Year 4