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Please take a look at the photographs of the grounds, our buildings and classrooms. 
Picture 1 Computing
Picture 2 Classroom Display
Picture 3 Classroom Display
Picture 4 School Library
Picture 5 Beacon Hill Primary School
Picture 6 Welcome
Picture 7 Mosaic designed by the children
Picture 8 Beacon Hill Primary School
Picture 9 Our Willow Dome
Picture 10 Our Browns Annexe for Reception and Year 1
Picture 11 Wordwall
Picture 12 Year 2 at work
Picture 13 Science
Picture 14 Rainforest - Year 5
Picture 15 Parents said our banner was clearly visible!
Picture 16 Just part of the massed children's choir!
Picture 17 The O2 by torchlight
Picture 18 Willow sculptures made by the children
Picture 19 The Pirate Ship
Picture 20 Early Years at Browns
Picture 21 Walk up to Early Years
Picture 22 The school field and play area
Picture 23 New Classrooms
Picture 24