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Year 4 - Miss Butcher

Hello Year 4!

I hope that you have enjoyed the tasks I set for you on the website last week. I really enjoyed seeing lots of you this week and some fabulous lockdown hair! laugh

Below you will find home learning tasks and activities for the week beginning 13th July. The plans have been divided into Maths, English and Topic. Times table, division and related facts test have been moved to follow the current week's work. Spelling resources have also been added to help you keep practising.


On the Home Learning area of the website we have added some new links that you can use for other topic activities. 


Thank you 


Miss Butcher


These are updated times tables questions, including x by 11 and x by 12 for each sheet, so that the children can continue to test their progress on their times tables. 

There are 50 questions to be completed in 3 minutes with a pass mark of 49. 

We have been focusing on improvement so even if the children don't pass we try to improve our score each time and then look at which part of the table to focus on next.

The children should know which table they are currently on but they can also go back and try tables they have already passed to check if they have retained them.

The tables sheets should be in the correct order of x 2, 5, 10, 11, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 12 and mixed.


Good luck and keep multiplying!!


P.S. - if you are unable to print, read the questions out and your child can write the answers down or give a verbal answer. I have included a separate block with answer sheets.

YEAR 4 MULTIPLY and DIVIDE RELATED FACTS - multiplication tables related by factors of 10 and 100. To be done only after completing times and divide sets.

Week 11 English - please note that the booklet will be used for the next 3 weeks.