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Year 5 - Mr Tims

Hello year 5, I hope you have all had a good half term. 


Below you will find home learning tasks and activities for the week beginning 1st June. The plans have been divided into English, Maths, Reading, Spelling and Science.  

In geography this term, our topic would have been Earth Matters. With that in mind, I will be setting some activities on purple mash each week to do.

You will also find that I have set some spelling work on Purple Mash. It corresponds to the resources below.


On the Home Learning area of the website, I have also included a list of resources that you may find useful including some educational resource websites, ideas of active learning and other activities - this will be updated as things change and we become more aware. Please also look at the Challenge area on the website for other ideas.




When prompted, enter the email




When saving work for me to look at please put your name-week-subject, e.g. 'missB week5 art'

This should be saved in your 'MY WORK' folder.

Anything else, such as pictures and games you have tried, should be saved in your 'My Tray' folder



Stay safe,


Mr Tims

Summer term Timetable

Summer term Timetable 1

wc 1st June spelling resources CHECK OUT PURPLEMASH

wc 1st June English

A few weeks ago, we got ourselves a house rabbit. His name is Domino

A few weeks ago, we got ourselves a house rabbit. His name is Domino 1