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Year 6 Doyle - Mrs Hughes and Mrs Nunns



We hope that you are well and have had a good week. 


Below you will find home learning tasks and activities for the week beginning 13th July 2020. The plans have been divided into English, Maths and Topic.


On the Home Learning area of the website, we have also included a list of resources that you may find useful including some educational resource websites, ideas of active learning and other activities. - this will be updated as things change and we become more aware. Please also look at the Challenge area on the website for other ideas.


Thank you,

Mrs Nunns, Mrs Hughes, Miss O'Regan and Mr Tidey

Please see the Conan page for full details of how to order your Year 6 Leavers' Hoodie! smiley

Year 6 Transition Materials


We understand that these are really unusual times and even more so as you move towards moving to a new school. Now that we are in the Summer term, it is important that you continue preparing for your transition to secondary school. To help you with this we have made a timetable that you can follow at home.


The idea here is that you do the activities we have suggested in the different weeks and then by the end of the term you will have completed all of the transition work to help you become ready for Year 7.  We would recommend that you follow this plan, but if you would like to do more each week then you are also more than welcome to. These activities are linked to a book that lots of you will have heard me talking about - You Are Awesome by Matthew Syed, and have been shared with the school by Hatchett Schools. Click here to see the link to the original material. 


To help with the work there is a downloadable workbook that you can either print or work on on a computer. If you need a copy of this and cannot print at home, then please let us know and we will arrange a delivery of one to you. 


Be Awesome Go Big Workbook (printable)

Be Awesome Go Big Workbook (editable)



(Having trouble viewing the embedded videos? Find all the links here)


If you complete all of these activities and would like some others to look and and explore then please click here for the Getting Ready to Go Big Resources

Suggested Timetable

Hello parents, carers and children!


We're sorry for the delay in getting the Year 6 work on the website this week. We hope this hasn't caused too much inconvenience. 


Best wishes,

The Year 6 team

YEAR 6 MATHS W/C 13.07.20
YEAR 6 ENGLISH W/C 13.07.20