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School Council

Welcome to our School Council page.


The School Council meet on a regular basis. Two elected representatives from each classroom meet with Miss Hill. They discuss all kinds of issues, raise concerns and also suggest improvements or make plans for the school as a whole. 


We want our school...


To have more playground equipment

To be bully free

To have a new safe trim trail

To raise money for charity

To clean out the pond and the overgrowth

To make sure people are fit

To have pictures from school trips displayed around the school

To make sure our school is safe

To have friendly playtimes

To have sportsmanship and play fair

To have helpful adults 

To have wall displays that help us


During the Autumn term we looked at ways to make our school healthy.  We suggested a healthy eating week in January.


In the Spring and Summer term we will work on Anti bullying.

If you have any suggestions for the School Council please see Miss Hill or your School Council member.