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The History curriculum at BHS has been designed to be both knowledge-rich and coherently sequenced. It is based on the PKC, consequently it is progressive and ensures that the skills and concepts required in the National Curriculum are progressively covered through a coherently planned sequence of lessons. Through the teaching of History the school aims to develop historical skills and concepts which are transferable to whatever period of history is being studied. Our curriculum aims to ignite children’s love for history, preparing them with essential knowledge which will equip all children for future learning.

We provide a history curriculum which provides children with a good chronological understanding whilst learning about particular periods of history and key historical figures.

Where possible, we link History to other subject areas. 

Our version of the Primary Knowledge Curriculum for history aspires to create curious and knowledgeable young people, who hold a deep understanding and appreciation of the discipline of history, and are able to sift and weigh evidence to begin to formulate their own viewpoints and perspectives of the world.



All history is worth studying, but as we do not have the time to cover everything, the units have been carefully chosen to suit our setting and to cover as wide ranging content as possible without compromising depth. From ancient civilisations and prehistoric Britain to the Cold War and the Civil Rights Movement; looking at law and power across the ages to the impacts of industrialisation and technological advances; understanding invasion and migration, exploitation and political movements for freedom and equality. The curriculum aims to introduce the children to a wide variety of men, women and children from the past; from the widely venerated, to the lives of the less well-known who offer us a rich insight into life at the time- from Aristotle to Martin Luther King, from Emmeline Pankhurst to Alan Turning.


Pupils make progress in history by knowing and remembering more about the past and by developing their understanding of history as a discipline. Through the high quality teaching of History taking place at Beacon Hill School we will see the impact of the subject in different ways e.g. through books, assessments and pupil voice.

Work will show that a range of themes are being covered, concepts are revisited, and cross curricular links are made where possible.

Assessments and monitoring will show standards in History will be high and will match standards in other subject areas.