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SPORTS DAY - Friday 14th June


Our School Sports day will take place on Friday 14th June from 9.30 am until approximately 3.00 pm weather permitting.  Should the weather be unkind to us a decision will be made by 8.00am on the day.  (Reserve Sports Day is Friday 21st June.)

Overview of day:

9.30-10.45am - Whole school clockwork sports – mixed teams Year R/Year 6 in houses


KS1 Sports Day
11.00-12.00pm - KS1 Sports Day

Key Stage 1 children will participate in their races.

Key Stage 2 will be invited to watch


12.15 pm - *picnic on the field – all parents and friends are invited.

*Children who have school dinners will be offered fish & chips in a bag or veggie sausage and chips in a bag (they can take their food out onto the field and join their parents).

KS2 Sports Day
1.15-3.00pm - KS2 Sports Day

Key Stage 2 children will participate in their races

Key Stage 1 children will be invited to watch



Whilst the races are in progress, please remain in the spectator area and this will ensure that any small children present will be safe.  Parents are responsible for children who do not attend Beacon Hill Primary School.


Hope to see you all on Sports Day, and thank you for your support.