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Beacon Hill Community Primary School

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Physical Education is an important part of the curriculum at Beacon Hill and its aims complement and support the teaching and learning policy of the school. A balanced programme is essential to the development of the whole child: intellectual, social, emotional, spiritual and physical. It provides the foundation for a healthy lifestyle and promotes character building, co-operation and self-esteem.



Through six key areas - outdoor adventurous activity, athletics, dance, games, gymnastics and swimming - we teach skills that challenge pupils to develop their health, fitness, wellbeing and sporting performance.



Pupils learn a variety of physical, social and cognitive skills across a range of sports and activities that we believe will motivate them to develop a lifelong positive attitude to health and fitness.



Our philosophy is rooted in developing the whole child and feel that their understanding of an active, healthy lifestyle and embedded physical skills prepare them for future learning and life.



What is Real PE?

Real PE is a unique, child-centred approach. It transforms how we teach PE to engage and challenge every child in primary school.

It focuses on the fundamental movement skills of a child's physical development:

* Agility

* Balance

* Coordination


Real PE develops the whole child, each term there is a multi ability focus:

* Personal

* Social

* Cognitive

* Creative

* Physical

* Health and Fitness


Each week the class teacher is teaching the children from the Real PE curriculum. In addition to this every class has an hour PE lesson with a specialist sport coach where they are able to transfer the skills they are developing in Real PE into more competitive sports. 


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