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Come and meet the staff at our school!


Our Staff

Headteacher  Mrs Catherine Miller
Deputy Headteacher  Mr Nick Tidey
Leadership Team


Mrs Catherine Miller

Mr Nick Tidey

  Miss Janet Hill
  Mrs Jenny Sullivan
Class Teachers

Year R Bumblebees - Miss Jessica Edy

Year 1 Dragonflies - Miss Janet Hill


Year 2 Grasshoppers - Miss Jessica Edwards

  Year 3 - Miss Emily Heasman

Year 4B - Miss Vanessa Butcher

  Year 4OH - Mrs Helen Hughes and Miss Victoria O'Regan
  Year 5 - Mr Matthew Tims
  Year 6 - Mr Tidey and Mrs Charlotte Nunns  
Extended Learning

Miss Vanessa Butcher

Mrs Sam Furlong

  Mr Mark Paddington

Trainee Teachers 


Miss Felicity Payen


Special Educational
Needs and Disability


Mrs Jenny Sullivan
Teaching Assistants

Mrs Claire Banks (HLTA)

Mrs Claire Broatch

Mr Paul Carpenter


Mrs Debbie Hart

Mrs Angela Johnson


Mrs Helen Mason-Hames

Mrs Ali Monnery

  Mrs Geri McMillan


Mrs Laura Powell


Miss Claire Ridings (ELSA)


Miss Emma Taylor

Miss Lesley Welch

Ms Emma Wilsdon

  Mrs Sarah Noble
Administration Staff:  
Bursar Mrs Corinne Diss
Administrative Officer Mrs Stacey Crane




Mrs Fiona Woodward
Lunchtime Supervisors Mrs Anna Rickard

Mrs Jan Witherington

Mrs Angela Johnson

Ms Emma Killington

Miss Alex Crane

Caretaker Miss Hazel Bentley